Karem Aircraft provides high-value engineering, analysis, manufacturing, and prototyping. We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction, and are using AS9100-compliant aerospace standards and processes across our operating divisions.

We offer aerospace design and analysis with a tightly integrated workflow from conceptualization, design, engineering and analysis to prototyping and testing. Our engineering operation builds on a rich history, with a focus on complete aerospace systems, including both rotary-wing and fixed-wing platforms, and manned and unmanned systems. We have key design expertise in tailored high strength and high stiffness composite airframe structures & components as well as high performance, low weight mechanical and electromechanical components & systems  including fault-tolerant flight control actuators, landing gear retract, brakes and steering. Our team has experience in developing and prototyping avionics and aircraft power management components and systems as well as operator interfaces, control systems, and real time flight software.

Karem’s extensive investment in first-tier aerospace tools gives it analysis and design capabilities that are unusual for a team of our size.  The company’s suite of the Catia CAD suite integrated with PLM and ERP/MRP solutions feeds directly into both in-house and vendor automated manufacturing.  Specialized aerodynamics and aero-structural dynamics tools include Patran/Nastran, CHARM, CAMRAD II, Overflow, Star-CCM, ASWING, and MSES.  Avionics and embedded software tools include Integrity/MULTI, Pulsonix, VAPS XT, MATLAB/Simulink, and FlightLab.

Our composites prototyping and manufacturing operation heavily leverages automation and proprietary processes and controls to achieve repeatable, high quality aerospace composite parts, starting from CAD-based layup definition for complex 3D structures, through CNC programming and machining of molds and surfaces, and computer-assisted layup, curing, and finishing.

Resources include:
- 40’ computer controlled oven, 12’ x 12’ opening
- 40’ paint booth and finishing area
- Automated ply cutting table
- Laser tracker
- Overhead laser projection
- 5-axis CNC machining center, 42’ x 20’ x 8’

Our machine shop and mechanical assembly operation is equipped to deliver complex, high quality aerospace grade prototype and production components.

Resources include:
- Yama Seiki 50 Taper Mill 55”x31”x27”
- Yama Seiki 50 Taper Mill 47”x23”x23”
- Yama Seiki Lathe 48”x23”
- Mitsubishi EDM 16.5”z, 23”x16”
- Manual Mills

Our assembly facility provides more than 2000 square feet of filtered, controlled access working space suitable for precision assembly of aerospace machinery, actuators, and gearboxes. We also have CMM, inspection, and metrology equipment to assist in verifying the quality and conformance of our products.
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